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USMS National Championships:
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OTHER NEARBY Local Masters Swimming Committees (LMSCs):

Arizona, AZ LMSC, use AZ consolidated entry card to enter AZ meets. AZ LMSC Chair email - ARIZChair(at)usms(dot)org AZ LMSC web site -

New Mexico, NM LMSC, use NM consolidated entry card for NM masters meets NM LMSC Secretary email - NMSecretary(at)usms(dot)org NM LMSC web site -

Oregon, OR LMSC, OR LMSC Chair email - OregChair@usms(dot)org OR LMSC web site -

Pacific, PC LMSC, use PC consolidated entry card to enter PC masters meets. PC LMSC Chair email - PacificChair(at)usms(dot)org PC LMSC web site -

Pacific Northwest, PN LMSC; PN LMSC Chair email - PNAChair(at)usms(dot)org PN LMSC web site -

Southern Pacific Masters Association SP LMSC, use SPMA consolidated entry card SPMA office 626-296-1841, Julie Heather, 957 N El Molino, Ave, Pasadena, CA 91104 SP LMSC Chair email - SPMAChair(at)usms(dot)org SP LMSC web site -

Utah, UT LMSC UT LMSC Chair email - UtahChair(at)usms(dot)org UT LMSC web site - Competition Courses/ Membership Card Requirement/ Pool Length Certification SCY = Short Course Yards (25 yd pool) SCM = Short Course Meters (25 m pool); LCM = Long Course Meters (50 m pool) OW = Open Water Event; LD = Long Distance

A copy of your current USMS Membership/Registration Card MUST BE attached to all swim meet entries. Current Pool Length Certification must be on file before a masters meet can be sanctioned by SI LMSC and allowed to take place and in order for times to be submitted for National Top Tens and national times database. CALENDAR OF 2006-2007 MASTERS SANCTIONED/RECOGNIZED SWIM MEETS & EVENTS JUN 2006 11 SI LMSC HSAM SCM meet at El Cajon Valley High School, El Cajon, CA 17 USMS 1-3 Mile Open Water Championships (2.5 km) at Hartwell Lake, Clemson, SC; Info: Jacqueline Grossman, 864-646-8836, jelg(at)innova(dot)net JUL 2006 CANCELED -SI LMSC SWIM SMARTER MASTERS 2-day LCM meet due to pool availability problems and schedule conflicts WILL NOT BE RESCHEDULED 09 ARIZONA LMSC Sun Devil Masters Long Course Meters Meet @ Mona Plummer Aquatic Center, Tempe, AZ 15 USMS 2-Mile Cable Championships at Chris Greene Lake, Charlottesville, VA; Info: Dave Holland, 804-282-6224, dholland(at)rmc(dot)edu 15-17 Southwest Zone Long Course Meters Championships, Mission Viejo 15-22 2006 Gay Games VII, Flames Natatorium, Univ. of Illinois, Chicago, IL ; Info: 29 USMS 1 Mile Open Water Championships, Lake Erie, Cleveland, OH Info:Tom Spence, 216-299-3858, talltom13(at)msn(dot)com AUG 2006 04-11 2006 FINA Masters World Championships- at Avery Aquatic Center Stanford Univ, CA; Pool & OW; Info: Mike Moore; Michael(at)2006FINAMasters(dot)org; ";" Must be age 25+ and affiliated with a club to enter Entries must be "Received by June 3, 2006" 12 USMS 6+ Mile Open Water Championships (10 km) at Horsetooth Reservoir, Fort Collins, CO; CLOSED SEP 2006 09 USMS 3-6 Mile Open Water Championships (5 miles), at Lake Michigan, Chicago, Ill; Host: Chicago Masters; Information: Chris Sheean, 708-445-1944, chris(at)bigshoulders(dot)org 13-17 USMS Convention/Meetings in Detroit, Michigan 15- Nov. 15 USMS 3000/6000 Yard Postal Championships (25 yard pools only), Sept. 15 - Nov. 15; Information: Max Veltman, 915-584-0227, max_veltman(at)yahoo(dot)com 24 SAN DIEGO SENIOR GAMES Bill Earley Memorial SCY Meet, age 50+, at Coggan Family Aquatic Complex, La Jolla, CA (all events); Recognized Meet NOV 2006 ?12 Swim Smarter Masters (SSM) 1-day SCY meet at Coggan FAC, La Jolla, CA (tentative date Nov. 12, 2006) 18-19 Southwest Zone Short Course Meters Championships at Mona Plummer Aquatic Center, Tempe, Arizona hosted by Sun Devil Masters. MAY 2007 17-20 USMS Short Course Yards Nationals, Weyerhaeuser King County Aquatic Center, Federal Way, WA AUG 2007 10-13 USMS Long Course Meters Nationals, The Woodlands Aquatic Center, The Woodlands, Texas

Updated May 31, 2006

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