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Masters swimmers must have a USMS membership (registration) number to compete in USMS-sanctioned 
events (swim meets, open water events, etc.), to participate in many of the organized masters workouts 
(for liability and insurance coverage), and to be eligible for National Top Ten times listings and for local, 
national, or world records. Masters swimmers must be a member of USMS through a local masters swimming 
committee (LMSC).

Membership (Registration) is valid for a calendar year from Jan. 1 through Dec. 31.
Renewals for the following year are sent out around November 1 of each year to currently registered masters 
swimmers. If you move and change your address, please remember to notify the LMSC secretary or registrar 
so that your address can be updated allowing you to continue to receive the USMS magazine, USMS SWIMMER, 
and to receive your membership renewal form.

Individuals aged 18 and older are eligible to be a member of USMS.
Current age groups for competitions are 18-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, ... , 100-104, ... , 
in 5 year increments as high as is necessary. If age and registration requirements are met, ANYONE is 
eligible to swim Masters regardless of ability, speed, age, sex, or competitive swimming background.

Individual Membership/Registration Form

The USMS membership/registration form can be printed (pdf format):  USMS Registration form
Directions for mailing are on the form. The USMS Registration fee is listed on the form (payable to "SI Masters Swimming"). You can find local workout groups, swimming programs, information, meet entries, etc. by checking the SI LMSC web site (SI

Masters swimmers can register themselves on-line and use a credit card to pay for their membership. 
The link for self-registration can be reached by clicking on the SI LMSC Self-Registration Link
The self-regisatrtion address is
If you have previously been registered with USMS, you have a permanent five-symbol alpha-numeric identification number which does not change.  The last five symbols of your USMS registration number is your permanent ID.  Please have this available when you register on-line, follow the instructions, and enter your information carefully.

The San Diego-Imperial LMSC (SI LMSC) can process mailed USMS registration forms. 
The mailing address is a postal mail box, so forms must be mailed in to be processed.
The mailing address is SI LMSC, PMB 244, 5666 La Jolla Blvd, La Jolla, CA 92037.

A copy of the USMS Membership/Registration Card must accompany all entries into USMS sanctioned swim meets, swim events, fitness events, clinics, and open water events.

USMS Change of Affiliation or Transfer of Club Membership Form

If you need to change club membership (affiliation) or are unattached (no club affiliation) and wish 
to become affiliated with a club, you need to complete a Transfer of Club Membership Form (Change of Affiliation) 
and pay the transfer fee. You can print a Change of Affiliation/Transfer Club Membership Form (pdf format):  
Change of Affiliation/Club Membership Transfer Form
Directions for mailing are on the form.

USMS Club Membership Renewal Forms and New Club Membership Form

Club Membership Renewal: Club Membership/Registration Renewal Form
New Club Membership: New Club Membership/Registration Form

San Diego-Imperial LMSC (SI LMSC):

The SI LMSC email address is:
SISecretary(at)usms(dot)org or
Info(at)simasterswim(dot) org.

Last Updated: December, 2021

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